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State of QSR: How Quick Service is Outpacing the Restaurant Industry in Sales & Traffic

Quick service restaurants have managed to keep sales steadily humming along while the industry evolves. See what the data says about how the segment is performing in 2021.

State of the Restaurant Workforce 2021

The latest report that combines data from our powerful Workforce Intelligence dataset, insights from a collaborative report with Snagajob and results from the annual Total Rewards Survey for a comprehensive look at the restaurant workforce.

Restaurant Industry Performance Pulse

A weekly update providing workforce, guest, consumer and financial restaurant industry insights focused on the evolving impact of the coronavirus pandemic and other topics affecting the hospitality sector.

The Post-Pandemic Restaurant Employee: Who wants to work and why

There are some key factors driving the labor shortage. Black Box Intelligence™ and Snagajob joined forces to unpack these trends and present data-driven solutions.

Emergence of Ghost Kitchens & Rising Impact

From menu and brand development to site selection and staffing, this guide will walk you through an overview of all the things to consider when launching a virtual concept.

Free Guide: 6 Ways to Utilize Consumer Intelligence

Recognizing trends and shifts in consumer behavior and demand will help you optimize your decision making. Download the free guide for 6 ways to use Consumer Intelligence and give your restaurant brand a competitive edge.

Restaurant Benchmarking: Drive Action & Impact Your ROI

Top performing brands know the way to becoming a best-in-class brand includes a structured benchmarking framework. Craft your benchmarking strategy today with this easy to follow guide.

Restaurant Guest Satisfaction Shapshot

What is your restaurant guest really saying? This monthly update combines the power of Black Box's robust sales and traffic data with online guest sentiment from Guest Intelligence.

How to Look at Your Restaurant Data in the Wake of Coronavirus

How you should look at your data has changed due to the disruption in 2020. Download this free guide for an overview of how we are presenting data to help you navigate your numbers in the wake of the pandemic.

2021 Guide for Restaurants: 14 Things to Watch

This guide details how industry sales can rebound in 2021, how operators will drive traffic, increase guest satisfaction and take care of their workforce. We’ve included expert commentary on the political landscape and the economy.

Special Report: 56 Days that Forever Changed the Restaurant Industry

Sales plunged, employees were furloughed and laid off. Guests and restaurants have had to adapt. Download 56 Days that Forever Changed the Restaurant Industry for a timeline of the last few months that shook us all.

Third Party Delivery Guide for Restaurant Operators

Download the latest guide from Black Box Intelligence (formerly TDn2K) to receive some top tricks and tips for making sure third-party delivery is working for you, and not the other way around.

Turnover Calculator

How much does it cost your brand when you lose an employee? Calculate your costs in seconds with our uniquely designed tool for restaurant operators.

Black Box Intelligence Client Resources

Quarterly State of the Industry Webinar Updates

The most timely & crucial restaurant industry insights you need to tackle the next quarter with a look at the current state of the workforce, labor market, social landscape and the economy.

Black Box Intelligence Scorecard

This revolutionary brand-specific Black Box Scorecard captures what differentiates top sales performers in the restaurant industry by combining financial, workforce and guest data.

Annual Total Rewards Survey

Previously the Corporate Compensation & Benefits Survey, this research includes base pay and incentives for all employee levels, as well as how companies are crafting attractive benefit packages.

Quarterly Performance Review

Receive an in-depth review of your financial, workforce and guest satisfaction performance down to the unit-level presented by a Black Box Intelligence analyst. Available only to subscribers of core products.

Hot Topic Surveys: 3PD Survey, Minimum Wage study, etc...

From third party delivery surveys to minimum wage studies, these reports give your brand the most timely and relevant information as it impacts your brand

Franchise Workforce Report

Integrated with Workforce Intelligence data, this customized report allows you to provide franchisees with benchmarks in key metrics including: staffing levels, turnover, compensation, benefits and more.

Market Share & Industry Growth Report

Understand your own market share and compare it with the overall industry in this quarterly report combining Financial Intelligence member companies and data from large publicly held restaurant companies.

Targeted Competitor Report

Interested in knowing how you stack up against your direct competitors? This custom analysis of your brand helps you define your competitive edges or shortfalls and provides you with action items to deliver on your brand promise.

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