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Cafe Momentum employs young people that have previously been detained. A few of them share their story at the 2020 Global Best Practices Conference.

Café Momentum: How this Restaurant is Changing Lives

Black Box Intelligence | 02.20.2020
Industry Workforce Read

Restaurants Start Year Strong with Positive Service Sentiment & Sales

Black Box Intelligence | 02.12.2020
Guest Sentiment Read

Weather Pushes Restaurants to Best Sales Growth in Four Years

Black Box Intelligence | 02.6.2020
Industry Snapshot Read

Rising Guest Expectations Contribute to Waning Guest Sentiment

Black Box Intelligence | 01.15.2020
Guest Sentiment Read
Wally Doolin opines on the 2019 performance of the restaurant industry and offers some hope for operators heading into the new year.

Despite What You’ve Heard, Restaurants are Doing Well!

Wally Doolin | 01.14.2020
Thought Leadership Read
Download our latest guide for restaurant operators on third-party delivery and make sure you are making it work for you, not the other way around.

Managing the Third-Party Delivery Guest Experience

Black Box Intelligence | 01.13.2020
Industry Guides Read

Predictable December Restaurant Sales Suggest Uncertain Start to 2020

Black Box Intelligence | 01.9.2020
Industry Snapshot Read
TDn2K, the restaurant industry’s most trusted suite of products to measure and drive performance has rebranded to Black Box Intelligence™.

Restaurant Insights Powerhouse Rebrands to Black Box Intelligence

Black Box Intelligence | 01.8.2020
Industry News Read

Restaurant sales were up, but sentiment was down. What’s the catch?

Black Box Intelligence | 12.12.2019
Guest Sentiment Read

This is How Brands Growing Traffic Stand Out

Black Box Intelligence | 11.14.2019
Guest Sentiment Read

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