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The restaurant industry has long been plagued by high employee turnover. In August of 2019, it was reported that fast-food restaurants were losing 100% of their workforce every year. They’re also leaving more quickly. According to Black Box Workforce Intelligence™ data, half of hourly front-of-house workers left within 90 days in 2018, compared to 43% […]

The Best Ways to Measure and Reduce Restaurant Turnover Rates

Black Box Intelligence | 08.9.2021
Industry Workforce Read

The industry has been volatile the past year and a half — to say the least. And while things seem to be on the upswing, the industry is now facing another big hurdle: labor challenges and shortages. BLS reported that job openings reached a record high of 9.3 million in April, and the accommodations and […]

[FREE DOWNLOAD] The Emergence of Ghost Kitchens and their Rising Impact

Black Box Intelligence | 07.23.2021
Thought Leadership Read

Hosted by Brant Menswar and Jim Knight, Black Box Intelligence co-founder and workplace expert Joni Doolin shares a few Thoughts that Rock. Thought #1 – You Don’t Have to Have an Opinion An avid student of Ryan Holiday, Joni shared that the idea about having the power to hold no opinion is a good thing. […]

Joni Doolin joins the Thoughts that Rock Podcast

Black Box Intelligence | 07.16.2021
Thought Leadership Read

Restaurant Sales & Wages Advance; Traffic Impedes Full Recovery

Black Box Intelligence | 07.15.2021
Industry Snapshot Read

Twin Peaks consistently reports sales and traffic increases, attributed to making improvements on guest experience. Benchmarking is an integral part of their strategy, as learned from this Q&A. What are the building blocks of your benchmarking strategy? We align everything with our mission/vision and goals of the company. We make sure that everything we do […]

Restaurant Benchmarking Q&A with Twin Peaks

Black Box Intelligence | 07.8.2021
Industry Voices Read

What has 2021 looked like for the restaurant industry so far? There’s been a lot of upheaval since 2020, and this year is all about picking up the pieces. But that doesn’t mean there’s no opportunity for growth. The pandemic forced consumers to change their behaviors. Some of those behavioral changes are here to stay, […]

Restaurant Industry Growth Trends to Know in 2021

Black Box Intelligence | 06.24.2021
Blog Read

Do you feel confident that you know how your business is performing in comparison to the rest of the industry? Do you understand how your sales stack up next to your competitors’? And what about your workforce metrics? Do you feel like you’ve got a good hold on your staffing levels? With all the changes […]

Restaurant Guests Divided Over Menu Staples as Service Sentiment Weakens

Black Box Intelligence | 06.16.2021
Guest Sentiment Read

Check Growth Lifts Restaurant Sales; Traffic Far from Recovering

Black Box Intelligence | 06.10.2021
Industry Snapshot Read

Contributed By Joni Doolin, Co-Founder, Board Member, Advisor at Black Box Intelligence™ The perfect storm of massive job losses, social unrest and racial tensions, significant and aggressive compensation competition from other service sector employers, continuing struggles with childcare and the lingering fear of COVID-19 has made one thing clear; our workforce may never be the same. Just […]

Radical Hospitality, the Next Pivot in How Restaurants Get Staffed

Black Box Intelligence | 05.27.2021
Thought Leadership Read

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