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Black Box Financial Intelligence™

Track Sales & Traffic, Benchmark Financial Performance

Unlock opportunities that drive sales

Black Box Financial Intelligence™ helps you and your operators see the macro and micro trends in the market, then compare them to the overall industry and your competitors to unlock opportunities that drive sales, traffic and revenue.

Measure what’s happening across your operations to completely understand the impact

Encourage data visibility across departments to focus efforts on underperforming areas

Be empowered and confident, equipped with reliable data for reporting to your board or investors

With comprehensive data, you are well-positioned to stay competitive in the marketplace


Macro and Micro Financial Insights

What is the financial health of your business at any given moment? How well are you using that data to stay agile in the market? With Black Box Financial Intelligence™, macro and micro financial insights are monitored and reported as they happen.

Observe your financial performance

Get a 360-view of your sales and guest traffic data with interactive and customizable dashboards and uncover exactly what’s impacting your numbers over time.
  • View food and beverage sales, sales-per-labor-hour, and traffic-per-labor-hour
  • Access check-growth over daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual time periods
  • View omni-channel data for on/off-premise or other sales types
  • See sales and guest traffic data by day-part
  • Segment by geography or location-type

Analyze your position against the market

Understand the macro and micro restaurant trends and decide what opportunities to pursue for growth and expansion using a market-based approach.
  • Use benchmarked restaurant data to make comparisons to your business
  • See your data next to other restaurants by industry, segment or cuisine
  • Get richer context across geographies, Nielsen DMAs and your Comp Units
  • Understand seasonality and pin-point new anomalies with weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual insights

Act and make strategic decisions with even more confidence

Put the data into action with market tests, new pricing initiatives, LTOs or marketing campaigns.

Tailored Analysis & Reporting For Restaurant Executives

Executive Scorecard

High-Level Performance Snapshot

  • Digestible PDF summary of quarterly performance
  • Monthly dashboard metrics with additional performance ranking​
  • Composite Diversity

Executive Summary

High-Level Quarterly Update

  • PDF summary of the most relevant and crucial Workforce Intelligence benchmarks​
  • Perfect for company updates and board presentations​
Black Box Intelligence Security & Compliance

Ultimate data protection

Breakthrough insights and growth aren’t the only reasons over 300 of the world’s most successful restaurant brands choose Black Box Intelligence. They also trust us to keep their data secure and protected at all times. When you’re using the Black Box Intelligence Platform, you can rest assured knowing that protecting your data is our #1 priority.

Impact Calculator

How is turnover affecting your financial performance?

Time-and-time-again, employee turnover directly correlates to sales performance. We can help you quantify manager and employee turnover—and why it’s impacting your finances.


Guest count is going down… what should we do?

Financial Intelligence revealed guest traffic was in decline for a brand that was experiencing record-high sales growth compared to the competition. Find out what they uncovered.

Our Customers

Over 300+ of the world’s best restaurants use Black Box Intelligence


Restaurant Industry: State of the Workforce Webinar

Upcoming | 1:00pm to 2:00pm CST

This webinar session will bring you up to date on the current state of the restaurant workforce including information on staffing, turnover, compensation, benefits, diversity, inclusion, training and more.

This webinar is open to all restaurant operators. Please use your company email address to register. Personal email addresses such as Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud etc… will not be approved. You can attend this webinar session ONLY if you are a restaurant operator or current client of Black Box Intelligence™ (subscribed to Workforce, Financial and/or Guest Intelligence). For questions, contact

October 20, 2022

Q4 State of the Industry Webinar

Thursday, October 20, 2022 | 1:00pm to 2:00pm CST

The one-stop shop for all things restaurant sales, traffic, staffing, turnover, consumer sentiment and guest satisfaction trends. This quarterly client-only benefit will take a look at segment, industry and cuisine trends, the labor market and the economy; all in under an hour. These sessions are uniquely designed to be a resource for you to reveal insights with unparalleled data connecting the dots between your most critical initiatives.




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