January 31 – February 2, 2022

Global Best Practices Conference

For two decades, we have carefully curated speakers and content for our annual Global Best Practices Conference, using words like disruption, upheaval and the erosion of institutional trust to describe the battles fought by operators. For ten years, we have advanced the ideas of “Changers of Commerce,” a group focused on finding new business models required in our increasingly challenging times. In spite of these efforts to look ahead, few, if any, of us could have predicted our current reality; one where all of society’s struggles are rolling up on our doorstep.

As workers grow progressively cynical about government, churches, healthcare, insurance, technology and financial institutions, they are looking to us to fight for them and to stand for something that matters. As technology becomes more pervasive, we are being called upon, as leaders, to foster workplaces and marketplaces that are more human, more innovative and more courageous. Backed by our Black Box Intelligence (formerly TDn2K) research, sharing stories and best practices of the brands finding their way to sustainable growth and financial success, we will tackle our reality. Join us for two thought-provoking days with your peers, as we continue to search for the next curve jump toward thriving and prosperous workplaces.

For questions about the Global Best Practices Conference, please contact marketing@blackboxintelligence.com