[FREE DOWNLOAD] State of the Restaurant Industry Webinar Deck - Q2

Once per year, we open up our client-only quarterly State of the Industry webinar for any restaurant operator to attend. Get a taste of the wealth of data our clients receive with a look at the overall state of the restaurant industry with insights from across the Black Box Intelligence core product suite.  

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Download the slide deck from the 2021 Q2 State of the Industry webinar. Typically a client-only benefit, this session was open to all restaurant operators. Download the slide deck for an overview of the restaurant using insights from across our core suite of products.

  • Industry highlights
  • Sales recovery
  • Third-party delivery and off-premise
  • Voice of the restaurant guest
  • The restaurant workforce
  • The road ahead for the industry

Industry highlights

Get a look at sales and traffic levels, how sales recovery looks and what segments are making the biggest gains. Additionally, look at quarterly sales from a geographic perspective, the gap between sales and traffic, daypart analysis and more from our Black Box Financial Intelligence™ product.

The restaurant consumer

See which segments have grown market share and how traffic is reflecting consumer optimism around dining out. Includes data from Black Box Guest Intelligence™, Black Box Consumer Intelligence™ and Lisa Miller & Associates.

The restaurant Workforce

Dive into what is keeping workers off the job market, staffing levels and job growth in other industries. Featuring data from Black Box Workforce Intelligence™, this section also includes manager pay and tenure, turnover and wage growth insights.

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