Sheryl Coyne-Batson, Senior Vice President, Client Success & Operations

Sheryl is excited about the shift to “client success” because it is an opportunity for the team to help curate the right data and insights for clients so they can quickly get to the issues that matter and identify where they are knocking it out of the park. The goal is less noise and less data that doesn’t matter. Instead, the team will focus more on finding the drivers that will impact client’s crews, guest experience and sales.

“The restaurant industry is the best job in the world,” she says. “It’s an industry that helps feed people and gives people career opportunities that they would potentially not have otherwise. To be able to help companies run their businesses in the best ways is amazing.”

Emily Bennett, Director, Client Success

Emily loves the industry and enjoys interacting with clients to help them with their challenges. She wants clients to use Black Box Intelligence as a resource. Client success will help them understand the platforms, which is important, but especially be able to focus on their individual data and needs to deliver insights that support their initiatives.

“The shift toward client success will be a new level of partnership,” she states. “Client success allows me to go beyond the topline data and truly help a client find the why and the story as to what is happening inside and outside their four walls. It’s exciting to me to dive more fully into pain points and celebrate the wins!”

Amy Valentine, Senior Manager, Client Success

Amy’s favorite part of working with Black Box Intelligence clients is when she has the opportunity to share a meal with them and have the chance to get to know them better by learning stories about their lives, families, vacations and work. She believes Black Box Intelligence clients are smart, funny, witty, hardworking and dedicated. Understanding who they are and how she can better meet their needs makes working together a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

“I love that are clients are curious and excited about our data and that they love to collaborate with our team,” says Amy. “There is a relationship that is built where we are both teaching and learning from each other to make an improved difference in each other’s business. As we shift to ‘client success’ I am excited to see this collaboration grow and improve where we can better serve our clients and help them better understand the insights that can be found in their data and how to apply that knowledge to their business.”

Amanda Richards, Client Success Manager


Paul De Luca, Client Success Manager


Dominique Hever, Client Success Specialist