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Images of team members

Team Members

Kelli Valade

President & CEO

Joni Thomas Doolin

Founder & Chairwoman

Wally Doolin

Founder & Chairman

Sheryl Coyne-Batson

Vice President, Partnerships & Client Success

Logan Byrd

Infrastructure Technology Architect

Monique Dilonga

Senior Manager, Client Success

Melissa Doolin-Koehne

Executive Director, Sales & Industry Relations

Ana Dufreche

Associate, Client Success

Victor Fernandez

Vice President, Insights & Knowledge

Saverio Ferraro

VP, Business Development

Mackenzie Hastings

Associate Business Analyst

Scott Hicks

Chief Information Officer

Sarah Higgins

Vice President, Marketing

Philip May

Senior Business Analyst

Jonathan Meek

VP, Finance

Andrew Mickael

Software Engineer

Gerret Montgomery

Director, Business Analytics & Operations

BenJamin Morin

Director, Software Development

Brittany Parker

Digital Marketing and Content Manager

Allyanna Pascone

Senior Business Analyst

Sumera Primuswala

Software Developer - II

Zach Stanford

Director, Insights

Nancy L Thomas


Rhea Thurman

Executive Assistant

Amy Valentine

Manager, Client Success