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2020 Total Rewards Survey Results

This special research series dive deep into the impact of COVID-19 on the restaurant industry and how companies are updating their workforce practices to remain relevant and competitive in this rapidly evolving environment.

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About The Report

The 2020 Total Rewards Survey report is exclusive to restaurant operators. Get access to the comprehensive survey results to learn employee practices implemented in response to the pandemic and specific changes to employee rewards, including new positions, hazard pay practices and changes in bonus plans. 

Additionally, you will get a deep dive on research into base pay, annual bonus, turnover, payroll costs, health benefit plans and cost breakdown, PTO policies and so much more. These metrics are just a tip of the iceberg.

60% of restaurant companies added sick pay leave for their hourly employees in response to the pandemic according to the 2020 Total Rewards Survey…

What’s inside


Hazard pay practices for front-line employees


Safety practices in place at restaurant level


Changes in benefits coverage and cost


Base salary and bonus by position


Merit increases


Payroll costs by department

Downloadable Files


Results are delivered in 5 downloadable files: The 2020 Rewards Report, The 2020 Rewards Report – Small Companies, The 2020 Rewards Report – Medium Companies, The 2020 Rewards Report – Large Companies, The Salary & Bonus Report (Excel)

State of the Casual Dining Segment

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Get the latest data and stay on top of what is happening with casual dining. 

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