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1. Is a Restaurant Really a Best Place to Work? One of the questions that has been nagging camper Jason Lauritsen since last year is why more restaurants don’t compete in best places to work programs in their communities. Want to help us find out? Participate here.

2. It’s all about Workplace, Marketplace, Oneplace! At camp we look at social business in a whole new way. We understand that our work of balancing people and profits is more important than ever in a world fueled by the digital economy. Want to talk more about Workplace, Marketplace, Oneplace? Join us for our next Twitter chat on Thursday April 30th, at 2pm CT on #SBrandCamp. Did we mention our first chat trended on Twitter?

3. First time attendee? Learn all you need to know on June 2nd at 4:15 during the Campfire for first time attendees. Ask camp counselors your most burning questions and mix and mingle with other first time attendees. Check out “A Newbie Asks: What Should I Expect from Summer Brand Camp?” to learn more about what to expect as a first timer at camp.

14. The magic behind Chipotle’s marketing brilliance. You know most campers have a serious brand crush on Chipotle. Those sales, word of mouth, raving fans, the Scarecrow! You know you want to know more about what makes them tick. You’ll get your chance as William Espey, Branding Creative Lead and JD Cummings, Recruitment Strategy Manager take the stage on June 4th.

5. How to connect the big dots of human, financial and social capital. Following Joel Naroff’s “It’s The Economy & You’re Not Stupid”, not only will you have a new favorite economist but Black Box Intelligence (formerly TDn2K) “brings it!” with insights from over 30,000 restaurant units, 1 million employees and 48 billion dollars in sales.

6. There’s a new currency in the twenty first century; relationships. Tommy Spaulding, A world-renowned speaker on leadership, will teach you how to achieve unprecedented professional and personal success by forming deeper, more authentic relationships with customers, employees, clients and other key stakeholders. Speaking of leadership, you’ll also learn from Ty Bennett on June 4th why Partnership IS the new Leadership.

27. Do you have to be crazy to change the world? Kyle Lacy has been on the leading edge of social for over a decade. Kyle will explore the realities of what it takes to make a real difference in social business. Hint: he doesn’t thing you can do it in 40 hrs a week!

8. There is a place for the arts in business. Doug Shaw encourages campers to bring your inner geek or freak to start camp with a fresh perspective on social business. In his pre-conference workshop you’ll learn about brining creativity and collaboration back to the workplace. This session will use art, music, poetry and community to help attendees think differently about how work can be more effective, productive and most of all enjoyable.

9. How to win a Malcom Baldridge Award. Or just be that good! Only three hospitality companies have ever won the coveted Malcom Baldridge award for business excellence. Learn first-hand from your Summer Brand Camp chair, Gini Quiroz, Director of Team Member Engagement for K&N Management, just what it takes.

10. There is a better way to practice capitalism. Changers of Commerce is a movement of leaders who believe there is a better way. The movement is about changing the way we run our businesses, being more connected to our community and value chain and enjoying the personal and economic benefits that come from doing so. Changers of Commerce is open and free to all Brand Camp attendees, it is held June 5th from 9-12pm. For more information about Changers click here.