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As if you needed more, but your smart, hilarious and honest steering committee came up with a few more reasons, ya know, in case you need that “push”.

  1. I need to make more friends… and who wouldn’t want to be friends with these people?
  2. I will increase my “socialization”, which will help me entertain our franchisees/operators/CEO/customers
  3. Swag
  4. I’ll learn cool facts like “78% of all facts are made up.” right Jim?
  5. I have talent, and I get to prove it in the talent show while raising money for No Kid Hungry
  6. Where else am I going to get intel on what other brands are doing?
  7. Jeans. Flip flops. Shorts. Sundresses.
  8. I’ll never live it down on Twitter if I don’t
  9. So much knowledge from Summer Brand Camp trumps so many mosquito bites from real camp
  10. Meaningful, lasting relationships are created
  11. Community service project
  12. Awesome speakers
  13. Campers leave Dallas inspired to do good. They are motivated to be the change.
  14. 2/3 of the American workforce is disengaged; I don’t want to be one of them (and THAT is not a made up statistic!).
  15. The food is delicious.
  16. Hashtag phenowledge
  17. HR, Marketing + Operations join together in one place…and they get along!