Written by Chelsea Hickey

Summer Brand Camp is the 3 days a year marketing, human resources and operations actually look forward to coming together. Seriously. I am happy to tell you why, but first — let me take a selfie.

Three reasons marketers shouldn’t miss brand camp, really there are 3 buckets, but marketers love lists, so 3.5 reasons it is:

Selfies (1)You tweet them, your brand competes with them and you leave camp as best friends with them—marketers from other restaurant brands. Some of the most intelligent and charismatic people from the foodservice industry join together in one place for three days, and it’s amazing.

The conversations you’ll have with other marketers are priceless. Can you imagine openly sharing your best practices, stories and strategies with other marketers? Brand camp is the place for it. You’ll leave with friends, solutions and new ideas.

Every year, the speaker lineup includes some of the best, brightest and most talented branding and business leaders. This year, we had the pleasure of learning from and laughing hysterically with Scott Stratten, Author of Unmarketing & QR Codes Kill Kittens.

Speakers at brand camp motivate marketing, human resources and operations to work together as one, empower people and brands to do good, and educate on industry best practices, strategies and what’s important.

From kicking off Wednesday morning with a community service project to closing the conference with Changers of Commerce, purpose is the over aching theme of Brand Camp. We discover purpose in ourselves, our brands and how we can make an impact moving forward.

Sometimes marketers miss, or don’t even think about, purpose when devising marketing plans and implementing new strategies. We learn to understand our brand’s purpose, or that one needs to be developed. We’re all here to help each other, especially our front line (FOH).

Did I mention that the amazing brands and people at camp raised over $31,000 for No Kid Hungry?

The Black Box Intelligence (formerly TDn2K) team does a great job with selecting great food for campers — as they should, we’re in foodservice. From grilled spam and cheese sandwiches last year to donut burgers this year, you won’t be disappointed. You won’t find floating conference chicken here.


From a marketing aspect, learning from speakers on behalf of brands and conversing with marketers in the industry is the most valuable thing you will do all year. You’ll return to the office passionate to make a change, improve social media tactics and hone in on how hourly employees are impacted, during your next marketing meeting.

Hashtag see you next year.