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Dallas, Texas | August 4th, 2015: Financial Intelligence (formerly Black Box Intelligence) (BBI), a Black Box Intelligence (formerly TDn2K) company, has released another major update to the Financial Intelligence (formerly Black Box Intelligence) application. The update focuses on improving user experience and functionality as well as breaking out Upscale Casual/Fine Dining into two distinct segments. “When BBI was created in 2009, the technology we deployed was state of the art at that time. A strong component of our values is relentless, relevant innovation. I’m proud of our team for their creative work in continually improving and developing BBI 2.0.” comments Wally Doolin, Founder and Chairman of Financial Intelligence (formerly Black Box Intelligence) and Black Box Intelligence (formerly TDn2K).

“The enhancements recently released by Financial Intelligence (formerly Black Box Intelligence) take the platform, and the competitive advantage we gain from it, to an entirely new level.” says Christopher Cole, Director of Business Analytics FP&A at DineEquity, Inc. (parent company to Applebee’s and IHOP). “I like being able to check on my brand’s performance, down to the unit level, from any device! Nothing else comes close to the depth of knowledge and insight we get from our BBI reports with respect to weekly/monthly competitor performance tracking” he continued.

The Financial Intelligence (formerly Black Box Intelligence) membership is a consortium of over 120 brands, reporting on 14 sales and traffic metrics for six distinct segments. The consortium reports on over 55 billion dollars in annual sales revenue from 32,000 restaurant units. The new features include:

  • Data can be accessed by desktop, phone or IPad.
  • Ability for single sign-on: Users can gain access from their own internal systems or independent applications, which is particularly helpful for users who work in larger companies. This is also available upon request.
  • Search feature added to dashboard menus: The search feature allows the user to filter results in certain dashboard menus, such as metrics, region and state.
  • Improved home dashboard: The home dashboard, which previously displayed an overview of national data, can now analyze data at the national, regional, and state levels. Furthermore, users can now look back at data from past weeks in any period of time.
  • Unit level comparisons are now available in several dashboards including simple stack ranking views with a simple click
  • Removing sign-up barriers: Financial Intelligence (formerly Black Box Intelligence) administrators can now import users either directly from a spreadsheet or with an invitation key which lets users create an account with a pre-defined set of permissions. This feature is available for companies upon request.
  • Franchisee or geographic limitations: Accounts may be created with geographic limitations, allowing regional and market-level managers to access data only at the national level and within their territories.
  • Improving the dashboard loading and rendering by 50%: Users can now load data much faster.
  • Comparison of your brand against any segment, cuisine type, or cuisines within a segment in a single click.

“Since the release of BBI 2.0 last year, we have persistently made continual improvements so that our members can quickly and conveniently access information needed to gain competitive advantage.” said Shawn Dawson, a BBI_009Black Box Intelligence (formerly TDn2K) Business Analyst and architect of the BBI platform. “These features have been designed to keep the Financial Intelligence (formerly Black Box Intelligence) tool the most comprehensive benchmarked database of restaurant brands, while we continue to improve the efficiency of the application. Our goal is to serve our members with an emphasis on user friendliness, accessibility and amount of data to fit each individual’s needs.”