Kathleen Wood & Edna Morris returned to the Global Best Practices Stage last month. They captivated the crowd with the heart, whit and advice for the audience. Here’s a peak at what they had to say:

[img id=”1″ align=”left”]Time to Curve Jump
Kathleen Wood | Founder of Kathleen Wood Partners
Co-Founder of Suzy Swirl

In 2006, they warned us that a day would come that the world would need to curve jump. That day is here, and is fueled by a theory called hyper convergence: when innovation and disruption, the speed of business, generational shifts and etc are all built on a platform that is infused by warp speed technology.

When those things combine, we are in a market space that we’ve never seen before. It’s a world with no walls, boundaries or borders — it’s a space, where we have the opportunity to curve jump.

Have the courage to fear less, lead more. It takes a leader to be courageous to jump to new spaces, or to jump out of spaces that aren’t working — just look at the CEO of Target, pulling Target out of Canada.

We need clarity of our core business model.

You don’t know what McDonald’s core is, but we know what Chipotle’s is. Chipotle recalls things that aren’t up to their standards. They have world-class training, development and customer loyalty.

Do you have clarity of your core business purpose and a simple plan? Successful plans are simple, clear, easy to execute and measure.

[img id=”2″ align=”right”]Good to Great
Edna Morris | Managing Director at Axum Capital
Board of Directors at Einstein Noah Restaurant Group

Remember why you started, and speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.

There are two types of bosses:

  1. One you go to for permission and direction
  2. The other gives you inspiration and ignition

There are three things we must do:

  1. Be human and care.
  2. Cross boundaries: so do what, when you think it’s the right thing to do.
  3. Live one size fits one.

You have to engage people: you have to get their head, and their heart.

One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.

Everyone, in the end, wants to be seen as individuals, valued for who we are and what we care about.

There is no greater leader than the one who can see each person as an individual.

We rise by lifting others. Listen with the intent of being influenced.