Written by Lauren Bifulco

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Summer Brand Camp isn’t your typical conference, at least that’s what I learned when I attended it for the first time last year. I had just made a career change to marketing and was rockin’ a stylish boot due to my broken foot making the perfect formula for a not-so-happy camper. However, after meeting fabulous people and learning lessons I couldn’t wait to take back to my team, I can barely contain the excitement I have for Summer Brand Camp! In fact, certain theme park commercials citing “I’m too excited to sleep!” come to mind.

To help this year’s new campers get over any possible jitters, I’ve written an open letter to help get them pumped for what SBC has in store for them:

Dear Brand Camper,

I know what you’re thinking – Summer Brand Camp is coming up and you don’t know what to expect. Is it a conference? Is it a camp? Well, SBC is three days of connecting with some of the most inspiring people in our industry that push you to combine your marketing and human resource efforts to make some epic things happens. It will revitalize you and help you realize your role in the “one place.”

Capture1I work at Snagajob, where we understand the importance of culture and how people placed in the right-fit positions can lead to something amazing. Each year, in just a matter of days, Summer Brand Camp creates a culture that bonds people together and provides them with the tools to make a difference within their own organizations.

You’ll leave sad it’s over but motivated to keep this culture going year round. You will also leave armed with a ton of great content and inspiration to take home to your team. As a marketer, SBC is now on my do not miss conference list due to the impeccable takeaways about the importance of having HR and marketing work together. And I’ve already got my eye on who I think will win this year’s Chubby Bunny contest!

So first time brand camper, I implore you to make the most of this year’s Summer Brand Camp and jump all in.

I promise, you won’t regret it.

Lauren Bifulco,
2014 Camp Counselor