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That high you’re feeling from Summer Brand Camp earlier this month? That’s not going to go away. Ever.

“You might get stirred up enough here that you’ll go home and do something big,” said Chris Ebbeler

Those amazing people you took pictures with, added on Facebook and love to death? Don’t chalk it up to be a temporary, conference relationship, it’s real. These people, most likely, will become some of the most important people in your life. You might end up being in their wedding in a few years. Seriously.

“There’s a lot of people here that want nothing more than for you to just be you” Ebbeler said.

Our tribe sang, laughed, gave back to the Dallas community at the Salvation Army, danced, cried and raised $32,000 together for No Kid Hungry. Where else can you to all of that in one week?

I wrote a post after Summer Brand Camp, 3 years ago, titled “It’s not a Conference, and it’s Not Really Summer Camp, It’s a Way of Life” I feel like a broken record, but the relationships you made, the things you learned and the messages from the speakers only get stronger and more relevant as the years go by.
Cherish the friendships you made, potential business partnerships and hold on to everything that inspired you to go be the change, make a difference and channel your purpose.

“If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less,” said Ebbeler.

I cannot wait to come back, next year, to see the changes we’ve all made in our personal and professional lives, as well as the impact and good we’ve done in our industry. Our industry and our businesses are changing, and there’s no where else I’d rather be help me weather that change.

Chelsea Hickey is a digital marketer & community manager for Converse Digital. Check her out on Twitter.