The takeaways from Summer Brand Camp 2015 are best written in your words — your tweets. Whether you joined us, or not, here are the key points from each speaker. Summer Brand Camp, as well as your personal and professional life is about passion, love and purpose.

The Art & Soul of Work with Doug Shaw:

Campfire for First Time Attendees with Sarah Atkinson, Gini Quiroz, Gje Greene-Wallace, Chris Ebbeler, W. Chris Burcham

June 3: Service Nation

Brand Story: Chili’s Purpose Experience with Chris Ebbeler & Dom Perry

Wendy Clark: #ShareTheHappiness

Moments Matter: Kyle Lacy

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant: Tim McEnery, Sarah Atkinson & Kristen Zagozdon

Relationships are the New Currency of the 21st Century: Tommy Spaulding

Lessons from the Villages: Kat Cole

It’s the Economy & You’re Not Stupid: Joel Naroff

Connecting the Big Dots of Human, Financial & Social Capital: Ricky Richardson, Victor Fernandez, Bob Rycroft, Kathleen Buehler & Joel Naroff

What if Your Marketing was so Useful, You Could Charge For It?: Jay Baer

Winning in the Attention Economy: Brandon Hill

Dare to Serve: Cheryl Bachelder

Our Social Future: Changing the Workplace, Marketplace, and the World: Amanda Hite

Brand Story: Chipotle: William Espey, JD Cummings, Melissa Papaleo, Michael Harms

Partnership is the New Leadership: Ty Bennett