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As cheesy as it may sound, the Global Best Practices Conference really does act as a revival of sorts for all who attend. It’s a career revival, sparking business insights, new innovations and fresh ideas. The Global BPC accomplishes something that no other conference, to my knowledge, achieves. It strikes a perfect balance between a blueprint for business improvement and a philanthropic call to action.

With a theme of “People, Profits, Planet” the Global Best Practices Conference once again demonstrated that these are not just words to the newly coined Black Box Intelligence (formerly TDn2K) team (formerly Workforce Intelligence (formerly People Report) / Financial Intelligence (formerly Black Box Intelligence)). It’s a cyclical philosophy that influences its clients, sponsors and selection of speakers who attend this conference. In the room, we don’t focus on what’s worked in the past. But rather we participate in a dialogue about what WILL work in the future, WHY it will work and HOW to make it happen in a real, actionable way.

I learn from every interaction I have at the Global Best Practices conference. Whether I’m listening to the incomparable and impressive Wendy Clark of Coca-Cola, or chatting with the incredibly supportive Janelle Reents of Monical’s Pizza on our way to the North Texas Food Bank.

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Here are just a few of my takeaways from the conference this year:

  • Consumers are “slimming down” – living large but carrying little. It’s about the experience more than ever as people are calibrating their lives differently than they did in the past. Their goals are not necessarily to accumulate an abundance of wealth – it’s more about staying free of debt and having an enjoyable job.
  • Be unabashedly ambitious for your brands. Think massively and focus on delivering work that MATTERS!
  • Growth and goodness can (and should) co-exist.
  • It’s not about perfection. It’s about connection. Focus on audience engagement and make them feel a part of your brand. Our world is screaming for authenticity.
  • Whatever you do, you are in the PEOPLE business.

To be a part of such an intelligent, forward-thinking, innovative and generous group of business leaders is quite literally awe-inspiring. I simply feel blessed to be in their presence.