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White Box announced this week, major updates to the Guest Intelligence (formerly Guest Intelligence (formerly White Box Social Intelligence)) platform. New features include:

View Top Competitor’s Social Data – In the top right, next to your brand’s logo, you will see the logos of the competitors you have established in the platform. Because some social and review site data is public, White Box is able to pull in data specific to those competitors. If you have questions about which competitiors you have selected or adding competitors, please contact Kathleen Buehler.

Value Classification – This particular classification identifies consumers’ level of satisfaction concerning the value of their experience with regards to the price they had to pay. If a customer mentions good deals or overpriced menu items, you can see these conversations and respond to them directly via the Value Classification.

“Platforms” tab – The Activity tab has been renamed “Platforms” and now contains augmented statistics for all social and review site data in White Box. As it has significantly declined in popularity, City Search data has been removed from White Box. Also, now you are able to benchmark platform activity and sentiment against various segments a well as the industry.

Benchmarking against Segments and the Industry – Benchmarking data is available for all segments (Casual Dining, Fast Casual, Quick Service, Family Dining, Upscale Casual/Fine Dining) and the industry across several dashboards: Guest Satisfaction, Brand Alerts, Platforms, and Sentiment. Previously, benchmarking data was only available for your restaurant’s particular segment and the industry on only the Guest Satisfaction dashboard.

Custom Classifications – Custom Classifications can now be created directly on the Custom Classification dashboard rather than using the administrative features.

Administration – To add, edit or remove a location or competitor, please contact Kathleen Buehler.

The White Box Wheel – Provides a new way into viewing in-depth analytics regarding mentions and social conversations about your brand

Increased Competitive Insights – view public social data and related analytics for your top competitors

Augmented Benchmarking – benchmark against all segments and the industry across multiple dashboards

For questions about the new features, contact Kathleen Buehler (kathleen@socialstrategy1.com). To set up a demo to view the new features, contact Sheryl Coyne-Batson (sheryl.coyne-batson@tdn2k.com).