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How many times do you get to go to a conference where you throw on a t-shirt and tie on your working boots? I’m assuming most of you have not, but that is because you haven’t been to Summer Brand Camp’s Service Nation Netgiving event.

What is Netgiving you ask? It is the art of networking, but in an environment where you are giving back to the community in a multitude of ways. Titles are non-existent and talk of corporate life is not allowed. Instead of worrying yourself with what is going on back at the office, you find yourself asking someone what their favorite type of sandwich is or if they can recall their favorite childhood park. Strategies and stock prices are out of mind; laughter fills the room in its place because one of your new friends just leaned back on a freshly painted door frame-whoops!

This year’s Netgiving event was one of the most successful events to date with 107 volunteers giving 3 hours of service each. Volunteers woke up at 7 AM and hopped on a bus to go to the Boys & Girls Club in Garland, Texas on a sunny Wednesday morning. Volunteers worked on restoring playgrounds, 11406983_999578490072381_4097887726911108079_npainting door frames, sorting out food donations, and of course making and bagging 1200 lunches for food insecure children and adults that included fruit, snacks and a homemade PB&J sandwich. Each lunch bag had its own personalized and hand written note on it just like your Momma used to do when you were a kid. Imagine going out for the day in hopes of finding a job or having a good day at school and you look down at your lunch bag and read the words, “Just keep swimming.” We can thank Dory the fish from “Finding Nemo” for that famous quote, but it’s good to know that we all can have that extra little push to help start our day off right.

Not only did the volunteers complete numerous tasks, but some members went above and beyond the call of duty as they donated grills and tools as well as playground equipment. What a way to start the summer off right!

Catherine Kaucic is a marketing intern at Black Box Intelligence (formerly TDn2K), connect with her on Twitter.