The Regional Turnover and Compensation Report is the newest addition to the Workforce Intelligence (formerly People Report) offering. With turnover and compensation varying by region, Workforce Intelligence (formerly People Report) is now providing members with a quarterly report with unmatched detail and granular data analysis.

Report Highlights


  • View your company’s turnover for hourly and management employees at the individual restaurant level
  • View average salaries for your General Managers and Assistant Managers by restaurant
  • Targeted benchmark analysis provided for turnover and compensation by filtering down from national results to region, state and DMAs
  • Comparisons between annual and quarterly data
  • For the first time, Workforce Intelligence (formerly People Report) is breaking out data by service type. Counter service includes restaurants in the Quick Service and Fast Casual segments, and table service includes restaurants in the Casual Dining, Family Dining and Fine Dining segments

Check out our infographic on the top 5 regions with the lowest turnover here.

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