Written by Jessica Hatcher Scantlin

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I’ve tried to start this blog post a number of times, but to be honest, trying to sum up all of the incredible knowledge, passion and insight shared over three days at Summer Brand Camp is a pretty tough task. And better people than I have done a great job of doing just that. So instead, I think I’ll just tell you about how I felt when I left Summer Brand Camp – RESOLVED.

Since returning to California, after having spent jam-packed days surrounded by some of the most brilliant people I’ve ever met, I am more resolved than ever to contribute my very best to this community. It’s the least I can do. These people are amazing business leaders, igniters and friends. I don’t know how I managed to “Forrest Gump” my way into this circle of progressive game changers, but I’ll be damned if I don’t show how grateful I am to be a part of it.

I am RESOLVED to give the best of myself everyday to those around me. The best businesses are those that give and give and give. As an individual, I need to adopt that principle too. My purpose is to give like crazy to my clients to help them grow and gain the recognition they deserve. Are there days when I would rather eat cereal and binge-watch Orange Is The New Black? Of course! (And some leisure time is absolutely necessary in order to continue giving your best.) But we are what we repeatedly do, right? So I must be sure I’m contributing consistently and giving 100% to the things that matter. Speaking of which…

I am RESOLVED to focus only on the things that get results. With everything I do, I need to ask myself what kind of impact it will make for my clients, my community and my world. If it’s not going to make a rippling, deep, lasting impact, gaining momentum as time goes by, then I must shift my focus to make every action count!

I am RESOLVED to get out of my head and realize that the world I want to live in is a “WE” world, not a “ME” world. In everything I do, I want to activate and empower those around me to be a part of it. People want to help each other and want to be a part of meaningful work. Serving others comes first.

I am RESOLVED to #JFDI (Just Focus; DO IT). Strategy is great. But evaluating strategy until you are blue in the face doesn’t make sense. I’ve long been a believer that perfection is the enemy of progress, and in this world of immediacy, that rings truer now than ever. I want to be responsive, nimble and active – all while remaining thoughtful and focused on the end result. That’s why I love #JFDI so much. It doesn’t say just go out and do stuff for the sake of doing it. It’s about remaining focused, so the actions you take today will stick.

I am RESOLVED to do things right in an authentic matter that builds relationships with integrity and honesty. I will not take the “easy” or “automated” way out of things. Automation negates authenticity. After all, if I expect people to take the time to engage with me, the least I can do is show them respect by taking the time to truly engage with them. Blasting out information or messaging is not a means for building a true dialogue. And in today’s world, where people are inundated with messaging from all directions, you must create a conversation to get results.

What resolutions do you have after attending Summer Brand Camp? How have you changed your focus?