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Scott Stratten (a.k.a. UnMarketing) took the stage on Wednesday at Summer Brand Camp 2014 and, in his own words, he was “angrier than he was two years ago at this event.”

Make no mistake. That’s a good thing.

I first met Scott a few years ago when he spoke at an event in LA. The thing that struck me then—and even more now—is that the knowledge he’s sharing is not from a singular point of view. He’s looking out for us all. He’s doing everything he can to ensure that we aren’t the inappropriate dolphin.

The things he’s teaching us, his hilarious examples, his gratifying rants … they touch EVERY aspect of our businesses, from how we perform our own roles to the experiences had by our customers, guests, and coworkers. Despite being afraid of missing the next thing he was going to say and to help prove the point, I managed to capture some of Scott’s quotes:

“You want word of mouth? Do something worth talking about.”

“Hiring properly is the best marketing you can possibly do.”

“Improve the bottom line by improving the front line.”

“Your brand statement is your customer’s statement.”

“Tweets are never your own.”

“When it hits the fan, it isn’t time to hide behind the fan.”

On Scott’s forearm is a tattoo that simply—yet profoundly—reads, “Unlearn.” By the end of his session on Wednesday, I was ready to make my way to the nearest tattoo parlor. By the end of his session on Wednesday, I truly believe we had all “unlearned” quite a bit.

And that’s the beautiful part of Summer Brand Camp and a speaker like Scott Stratten. Things will continue to hit us throughout the year, we’ll create (and un-create) initiatives and activations based on the insights we were fortunate enough to hear.

Never stop learning? We should never stop unlearning.