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When I choose to give, I expect nothing in return except for one thing: the rush of it all.

Make no mistake—giving is a choice. And your reasons for giving probably differ from mine and the person sitting next to you. People give out of kind hearts, guilty consciences, gratitude, peer pressure, and they become Secret Santas to avoid being labeled the office pariah … or one of them.

I do it for the thrill.

I once strategically posted tear sheet flyers throughout an office building, just in case someone was in need of—or wanted to give—a free compliment. I once left a flower and a note on someone’s car to give a little love on a loveless day. I once bought dinner for a soldier eating alone in a restaurant. And most holiday seasons, I’ll go on a shopping trip for a kid who doesn’t have the essentials. Each one of these makes my heart beat faster.

My lasting memory of the holidays was given to me by my grandfather. Next to his lounge chair, he’d place a small, table-top Christmas tree on the antique sewing machine. He’d carefully wrap a silver dollar—one for each of his seven grandchildren—and place them under that tree. Of all the presents I received during my childhood, those silver dollars are the ones I remember. I like to think he got the same rush out of it as I now do.

So this holiday season, this season of giving, presents me with another chance to feel that rush. On Tuesday, Dec. 3, the annual Team No Kid Hungry Give-A-Thon will be taking place in conjunction with #GivingTuesday, a movement and day dedicated to giving. I’m going to help raise $25,000 (actually $50,000 because Tyson Foods is matching dollar for dollar) in a single day for kids struggling with hunger in the U.S. I’m going to make a difference in the life of someone else, and I’m going to watch Twitter blow UP because I won’t be doing any of this alone.

That, my friends, is a rush.

You can join us by going to nokidhungry.org/givingtuesday, by signing up for the Thunderclap, by donating, and by spreading the word to everyone you know. There are 16 million children in our country struggling with hunger. Let’s wrap some silver dollars for them, and feel our hearts beat a little bit faster.

Chris Reed is the Creative Director at Be the Change Revolutions. Read more of his work here.