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If you listen to any of us talk about Summer Brand Camp—and if you’ve never been—you might think it’s all about fun, games, shorts, sandals, scavenger hunts, giving back, talent shows, White Russians, and the like.

Fair enough.

But, whenever I see #SBrandCamp in my Twitter stream or a photo from Summer Brand Camp on Facebook, something else is triggered.

It triggers a story. It triggers a direction.

The information shared with those of us lucky enough to be in attendance is something that stays with us well after those couple of days every June in Dallas. Those moments give us focus for the rest of the entire year, igniting a fire that stays lit during even the dimmest of conference calls.

The words being spoken at Summer Brand Camp are not the basis of theories, nor are they experiments. They are tested. They are proven. They are necessary. Especially if you want to remain (or, become) relevant in today’s marketplace of social business, in the eyes of both your customers and employees.

If you’re considering sending only one person from your organization, do it. Then, follow these instructions:

  1. Require them to take notes. They will anyway, but you know what they say about having things in writing.
  2. Schedule a debrief for the day they return to the office. Block out a couple of hours, minimum.
  3. Take notes. Enjoy their enthusiasm just as you would a fine bourbon.
  4. Ask them for their vision. They’ll have one worthy of an “all staff” email.
  5. Act on it.

The story is just waiting to be triggered, the direction just waiting to be taken.

And it all begins at Summer Brand Camp.