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You see, I’m part of a tribe. The Black Box Intelligence (formerly TDn2K) tribe. I didn’t know what that meant two years ago but now I love what it means. It means that even among industry competitors, there are people who look out for each other. Speakers who, while at the top of their game, are willing to be vulnerable and share with the tribe. People who are willing to share their best practices and failures in order the entire industry to be successful. The messages are fantastic but the support is intense… in the best way.

Phrases like ‘Game Changers’, ‘Me to We’ and ‘Create Unexpected Joy’ are not just phrases at this conference. They are moment makers.

People like Anne Mahlum who founded an outlet Courtney2for the homeless to feel like people who are valued and valuable through running . She made her moment and allowed for 1700 graduates of that program to find theirs. People like Tony Bridwell, the Chief People Officer at Brinker International. Tony spoke of accountability. Using his energy, he delivered a message that resonated with many in the room. He said, “A culture of accountability requires key results be memorable, measurable, and meaningful”.

Breakout sessions (a.k.a. Work labs) are not what you expect. In fact, they are filled with people who are willing to share their successes and present it in a way that you think ‘I believe I could use some of those lessons in my own company/department/brand.’ The amount of brainpower in these work labs is staggering.

The entire conference has something to offer you, the HR professional. There are great Courtneynetworking opportunities; best practice sharing; examples of how to build, celebrate or repair your culture—without the BS. The service project creates moments and allows the people behind the brands to become exposed. Exposed to each other and to the idea of service.

But, the Changers of Commerce session offers something to you, the human being. That experience of hearing and seeing global strife being conquered with love and respect takes your breath away. People like Kat Cole, President of Cinnabon, who shared a simple sentence, “Small enough to change, big enough to matter”. People like Nate St. Pierre who pushes every day to change the world.

Moments happen when we don’t even realize it. At this conference, moments turn into minutes which turn into hours and you find yourself pleasantly overwhelmed and energized.

Black Box Intelligence (formerly TDn2K) allows for all this magic to happen. I could not imagine being in another place and receiving the same amount of support, knowledge and the challenge to shift my perspective. I have so much gratitude for this organization and its team.

I hope you join me next year to experience it yourself. I challenge you to make your own moments. Come join the tribe.