What is Black Box Intelligence & How Do the Business Intelligence Tools Improve my Brand?

Join the industry’s most elite restaurant operators for exclusive access to unrivaled restaurant and consumer data – and use it to grow your business faster than your competition.


Financial Intelligence

Measure your sales and traffic performance data against 72,000 restaurant units


Workforce Intelligence

Compare salary data, turnover, and more with over 2.4 million restaurant employees


Guest Intelligence

Track online guest sentiment from unsolicited customer feedback from major review sites and social media


Consumer Intelligence

Understand your consumers and your competitors with data from 20 million credit card transactions


Supplier Intelligence

Subscribe to receive monthly industry sales, traffic, workforce and guest insights

Black Box Suite in Action

A fast casual burger chain was losing traffic at their California locations.

Through Consumer Intelligence, they learned their customers were increasing the frequency of visits at a fast casual taco chain.

Both service and value sentiment in Guest Intelligence had dropped significantly over the last few months.
The burger chain had also been experiencing high turnover at the manager level. With Workforce Intelligence, the brand was able to identify that they were not paying managers competitively in that region.

The fast casual brand increased manager pay and rolled out more well-being initiatives to increase retention.

After several months, the brand was able to win back over their customers and increase traffic to their California locations by 2.33%.

​Additionally, service scores increased 6% and intent to return increased 7.2% in Guest Intelligence.

With the combined power of the Black Box Suite of business intelligence tools, the fast casual burger brand was able to identify issues and resolve them before they became much worse.

Take a look at our Scorecard to get a better view of how our business intelligence tools work together to give unrivaled insights into the restaurant industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe/get access to Black Box Intelligence?

Membership starts by being a client of one or more of our core products: Workforce Intelligence, Financial Intelligence, Guest Intelligence or Consumer Intelligence. Your membership comes with dashboard access, custom reporting, a dedicated client success rep and so much more. For access to one or more information about our suite of products, contact sales@blackboxintelligence.com.

Do I have to/how do I submit data?

Yes. In order to build custom benchmarks for your brand, we ask that you submit data through our Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Don’t worry, we set all this up with you on an orientation call and walk you and your team through the process.

How do I know my data is secure?

Protecting our clients’ data is our priority. We are SSAE 16 certified and undergo annual reviews by external auditors. In addition, we have a number of encryption methods, secure VPN connections and annual employee training. We go above and beyond so you can rest assured.

What is the pricing of a Black Box Intelligence subscription?

Pricing varies for each of our products. Workforce Intelligence pricing is based on employee count, Financial Intelligence and Guest Intelligence is based on unit count and Consumer Intelligence is based on usage. The quickest way to get custom pricing for your brand is to talk with a member of our team, contact sales@blackboxintelligence.com.

What are the benefits of subscribing to the entire Black Box Suite of products?

Black Box Intelligence suite clients receive preferred pricing, as well as the ability to validate performance across all core products. Subscribers of core products receive exclusive insights from quarterly performance reviews with a senior analyst, as well as a competitive scorecard that captures what differentiates top sales performers in the restaurant industry by combining financial, workforce and social data.

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