Franchise Workforce Report

by Black Box Workforce Intelligence

It’s difficult for franchisors to advise franchisees on key workforce metrics. Let a trusted third party workforce expert solve that.

The Franchise Workforce Report:

Is a customized report for your franchise system allowing you to provide your franchisees with benchmarks on key workforce metrics including: staffing levels, turnover, compensation, benefits and more.

Integrates People Report™ industry-wide and segment specific data for the restaurant industry.

Delivers benchmarks created from your own franchise system’s data analysis, revealing key relationships in the metrics and best people practices for your system and the industry.

Gives you a competitive advantage helping your franchise community to recruit, hire and retain best-in-class talent.


“The Black Box Intelligence (formerly TDn2K) Workforce Survey has helped Culver’s obtain regional competitive information that is so important to support our recruiting and retention efforts. It allows us to gauge how we are doing in this space as a brand and is instrumental for individual locations to know where they should place emphasis and adapt in support of their teams and business. This insights gained from reviewing data from within and beyond the brand is necessary to draw correlations between investments in the team and business success.”

Matt Klug | VP of HR | Culver’s

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