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Black Box Workforce Intelligence™

Comprehensive Workforce Data To Help You Take on Any Recruiting and Employee Retention Challenge

Black Box Intelligence Workforce Intelligence

Recruiting, retaining, and rewarding employees is the number one challenge for brands and their restaurants.

It’s also the key to unlocking higher performance in the market. Black Box Workforce Intelligence™ gives you the most comprehensive and actionable workforce data so you can set the pace, instead of just keeping up.


How leading hospitality brands connect people and performance

Workforce Intelligence Turnover Graph

Tackle Restaurant Turnover

  • Track and benchmark turnover at the local level and by DMA
  • Identify underperforming units and deliver operators data-driven action plans
  • Analyze turnover’s impact on in-store performance and revenue
Black Box Intelligence Workforce Intelligence
Black Box Intelligence Workforce Intelligence

Increase Engagement and Retention

  • Understand what motivates all employees — from hourly workers to the c-suite
  • Understand workplace happiness
  • Evaluate messages of diversity
Black Box Intelligence Workforce Intelligence

Build Better Total Rewards Packages

  • Stay relevant and competitive with what employees want
  • Create compelling offerings that include competitive variable pay, benefits, and paid time-off
  • Monitor compensation trends to create competitive packages from corporate executives and directors to restaurant managers and hourly employees
Black Box Intelligence Workforce Intelligence

Workforce Data Designed to Serve Every Team


  • Price salaries and benefit packages competitively, at all levels of the organization
  • Arm yourself with crucial policy knowledge and understanding


  • Understand what the industry standards are for training new employees
  • Identify the most important topics being covered when onboarding and training managers
  • Learn how your competitors are allocating their training budget


  • Understand the current labor cost trends at the market-level
  • Analyze how cost of turnover is impacting the organization


  • Understand what motivates all employees, from hourly workers to c-suite level
  • Evaluate messages of diversity and workplace happiness


  • Track, benchmark and improve turnover and identify underperforming units
  • Understand your workforce demographics at a detailed level
  • Build competitive employee total rewards packages

Remove the guesswork and subjective decision-making behind how you collaborate across departments.

Board-Ready Workforce Analysis

Executive Scorecard

High-Level Performance Snapshot

  • The right view to monitor quarterly performance​​
  • Monthly dashboard metrics with additional performance ranking​
  • Composite Diversity

Executive Summary

High-Level Quarterly Update

  • PDF summary of the most relevant and crucial Workforce Intelligence benchmarks​
  • Perfect for company updates and board presentations​
Black Box Intelligence Security & Compliance

Ultimate data protection

Breakthrough insights and growth aren’t the only reasons over 300 of the world’s most successful restaurant brands choose Black Box Intelligence. They also trust us to keep their data secure and protected at all times. When you’re using the Black Box Intelligence Platform, you can rest assured knowing that protecting your data is our #1 priority.

Impact Calculator

How is turnover affecting your financial performance?

Time-and-time-again, employee turnover directly correlates to sales performance. We can help you quantify manager and employee turnover—and why it’s impacting your finances.


Outperforming competitors by 75%, really?

Read how one fast casual brand used compensation benchmarks to retain better restaurant managers and overcome industry-wide double-digit losses.

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