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Everyone has to eat somewhere, and knowing how and where your customers choose to eat (a metric known as share of stomach) is vital to reaching them with the right menu items, marketing messages, price points and atmosphere. Consumer eating patterns are impacted by the economy, food trends and other factors. In the highly competitive […]

September Sales Improve Slightly, Traffic Posts Worst Results Since March

Black Box Intelligence | 10.14.2021
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Operator Poll: Restaurant Employee COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates Download the results from our latest poll, surveying 100 restaurant brands in six segments: quick service, fast casual, family dining, casual dining, upscale/polished casual and fine dining. Operators respond with sentiment around how mandates will impact the guest experience, whether they have a plan to move forward as […]

Operator Poll: Restaurant Employee COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

Black Box Intelligence | 10.6.2021
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State of the Restaurant Workforce [download]

Black Box Intelligence | 09.24.2021
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To inform your restaurant strategy, you need to be able to interpret and even predict consumer behavior. Being able to recognize trends and shifts in consumer behavior and demand will help you optimize your decision-making. Fortunately, Black Box Consumer Intelligence™ helps brands do exactly that. Restaurants use Consumer Intelligence to really understand the behavior of […]

Restaurant Industry Performance Pulse This is a weekly update providing restaurant data and insights as the industry rebounds from the coronavirus pandemic. Each update highlights the most relevant and timely workforce, financial, guest and consumer trends. Weekly Restaurant Insights   October 13, 2021     Restaurant Sales and Traffic Fell to New 3-Month Low  Powered by […]

Restaurant Industry Performance Pulse

Black Box Intelligence | 05.1.2021
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These are fast-changing times for all types of restaurants. Brands that stand out are able to use big data to spot trends, measure performance and create strategies that will drive profits. That’s who we serve at Black Box Intelligence. We compile comprehensive data on industry trends across all restaurant categories. For our clients, we offer […]

In the highly competitive foodservice industry, where restaurant profit margins are often razor-thin, tracking your progress is vital to driving growth. Understanding key restaurant calculations will help you assess your performance and plan your menu, labor needs, operating hours and marketing campaigns. Since the pandemic accelerated the digitization of business, many restaurants are swimming with […]

Restaurant Sales and Traffic Post Worst Results Since May

Black Box Intelligence | 09.9.2021
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Restaurant reviews hold a tremendous amount of sway for consumers. Word-of-mouth is some of the best marketing you can get, and there’s a direct correlation between high ratings and profitability. People trust other people, and when potential customers see that other guests enjoy your food, service and atmosphere, it makes them feel more confident in […]

After the devastation of the pandemic, the restaurant industry should be making a comeback. But a persistent labor shortage stands in the way. While experts attribute the shortage to a number of factors – from stimulus payments to low wages – there’s no quick fix. And part of the problem is that hiring and turnover […]

Why the Restaurant Staffing Shortage is Becoming a Bigger Issue

Black Box Intelligence | 08.24.2021
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