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Black Box Guest Intelligence™

Guest Sentiment Insights
To Protect and Scale Your Business

Black Box Guest Intelligence

With Black Box Guest Intelligence™, hospitality brands can monitor, research, and act on guest feedback to deliver and maintain a competitive customer experience.

Our company-specific or industry-wide sentiment monitoring allows teams to assess how well they’re executing on their brand promise compared to other restaurants within their segment so they can make more informed operational changes, workforce improvements, and increase financial performance.


Comprehensive Social Listening

With online review data from all the major channels feeding into one platform – comprehensive guest feedback is at your fingertips.
  • Guest Intelligence tracks 59,000+ units and 170+ brands across all major online review platforms to uncover industry trends and up-and-coming brands in real-time.
  • Build a complete picture of customer experience using service, food, beverage, ambiance, value and intent to return attributes and the sub-categories underneath each one.
  • Pinpoint specific issues and opportunities with analysis and reports broken out by brand, region, DMA, or unit.
  • Gain competitive intelligence for every brand in and outside of your segment.
Guest Intelligence Features
Black Box Intelligence Guest Experience

Text Analytics Specifically for Restaurants

Black Box Intelligence’s extensive natural language processing (NLP) library is designed specifically for the restaurant industry. Our proprietary collocation and concordance-based text analytics break down sentiment factors into actionable drivers that can be deployed, tested and measured across a market’s social media channels.
  • 60,000 keywords, phrases and modifiers to know what your guest is saying.
  • Restaurant-specific terminology regularly tested against Watson, Google, Amazon and other NLP libraries.
  • Restaurant categories include: food, beverage, service, ambiance, value and intent to return.
  • Built exclusively for the restaurant industry.

Powerful Listening Tools for Every Team


  • Build new strategies, based on guest feedback, to improve operations system-wide
  • Identify areas of opportunity at the local level

Consumer Insights

  • Understand brand perception from guests
  • Receive time sensitive customer brand alerts, notifying you of critical situations


  • Evaluate financial impact of changes in guest sentiment across operations
  • Identify areas of operational excellence and growth

Labor and HR

  • Understand service from customer’s perspective at a detailed level
  • Understand impact of staffing strategy on guest experience


  • Track cuisine preference changes and food trends
  • Design menu options based on customer’s insights
  • Learn how menu innovation is being perceived by your guests in test markets

Remove the guesswork and subjective decision-making behind how you collaborate across departments.

Partnered for Impact

An onboarding experience tailored to your teams’ needs

From call number one with your Client Success Team, we make sure your data is integrated with integrity and your team is trained to use your new tools effectively.

Access to State of the Industry webinars and Best Practices Conference

We keep you ahead and constantly connected to what now, what’s new and what’s next.

Our team of experts and analysts know the restaurant industry

They know exactly how to help you navigate the data, dashboards, insights and more.

Bring In Black Box Intelligence Reputation Management

Listen, engage, and retain guests to unlock the full potential of your brand reputation.

Monitor All Online Channels from One Inbox

Multitasking between Instagram, Google My Business, Facebook, Trip Advisor and more, can be hectic. Manage unlimited profiles and pages from our powerful inbox.

Create Real-time Brand Interactions

Spot influencers, loyal customers no matter where they are. Respond to all interactions and flag comments and messages that need attention.

Include Your Audience

Black Box Intelligence’s AreTheyHappy Reputation Management Solution helps you take the customer experience online and makes your audience an intrinsic part of your brand’s success.

Black Box Intelligence Case Study

How Willie’s Icehouse Leverages Industry Benchmarking & Insights to Elevate Restaurant Experience

Find out how this casual dining chain uses guest, financial and workforce data to enable teams across the organization to be more proactive and improve the way they execute. 
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