Restaurant Sales & Traffic Benchmarks

The restaurant industry’s go-to resource for financial benchmarks. Sales, traffic, PPA, sales per labor hour, etc. broken out by region, DMA, segment and cuisine.

MillerPulse Acquired by Black Box Intelligence™

Unified data set delivers insight on 72,000 restaurant units and $153 billion in annual revenue.

What’s included in Black Box Financial Intelligence™

  • Business intelligence metrics cover sales, traffic, sales per labor hour, PPA, food, beverage, dine-in, to-go, catering, banquet, drive-thru, delivery and more at the industry level all the way down to the unit level. 
  • Weekly benchmarks broken out by day part, segment, region, cuisine and state.
  • Insights from quick service, fast casual, casual, upscale/polished casual, fine dining and family dining. Including limited service vs. full-service views.
  • Answers to your most critical business questions like “Is it me, or the market?” or “where do I need to improve my performance?”.
  • Quarterly state of the restaurant industry webinar update and report.
  • Access to Market Share and Restaurant Segment Intelligence data and reporting. 

How operators improve results & outperform the competition with Black Box Financial Intelligence™

How operators improve results & outperform the competition with Black Box Financial Intelligence™

Connecting the Dots with Black Box Financial Intelligence

Workforce Intelligence

Understand the relationship between your turnover and service scores and learn how it impacts your sales

Guest Intelligence

Figure out if guests feel the impact of check growth from you or your competitors

Consumer Intelligence

See where sales and traffic are the highest and figure out what types of consumers are there to help you decide where to put new locations

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Don’t spend any more time making decisions without robust data. You’re just a few clicks away from endless possibilities in benchmarking your results against your competitors.