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Supplier Intelligence: Real Data & Supplier Performance Metrics for the Restaurant Supplier Community

What’s included in a Supplier Intelligence Subscription?

Monthly Industry Intelligence Reports

Sales & Traffic Trends from Financial Intelligence™

  • Industry comp sales and traffic reported by region and top/bottom 25 designated market areas (DMA).
  • Segment data and trends from quick service, fast casual, family dining, casual, upscale casual and fine dining.

Workforce Metrics from Workforce Intelligence™

  • Unemployment rate impact
  • Turnover for full-service and limited-service
  • Top-line compensation data

Guest Insights from Guest Intelligence™:

  • Top food & beverage trends
  • Top consumer mentions on 3rd Party Delivery

Early access to the monthly Black Box Intelligence™ Snapshot updates

Executive Outlook and forecast
from our experts on what’s coming

Quarterly Market Share Report

  • National to regional benchmarks
  • Data for more than 72,000 units and 300+ brands
  • Tracks total revenue growth by segment
  • Highlight segments that are gaining and losing sales market share
  • Measures rate of new restaurant builds
  • Monitors average unit volume by segment

Access to State of the Industry webinars providing deep insights into supplier performance metrics, current challenges & opportunities for operators

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