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This week, the Black Box Intelligence (formerly TDn2K) team was in Arizona for the Restaurant Leadership Conference. As always, we got to catch up with our members, meet new industry connections and learn some new things from the incredible speakers and educational sessions.

On Tuesday, our partners at DiscoverLink put on an innovation forum on e-learning, complete with case studies and benefits of using e-learning to engage and keep your employees.

At a time when turnover is at pre recession levels, (reaching a median of over 100% for some segments of the industry according to Workforce Intelligence (formerly People Report)) companies need to put strategies into action that promote company culture and ensure their employees remain happy and engaged. E-learning can help businesses do just that.

Cindy and John shared a few benefits of incorporating e-learning into your business strategy. Here are a few takeaways:

An effective e-learning strategy reduces turnover. Bob Evans, a client of DiscoverLink, reduced turnover by 35% when they integrated e-learning into their strategy.

89% of full service companies and 88% of limited service companies reported an increase in usage of e-learning during 2014.

E-learning increases staff competence, reduce operating costs and improve store performance.

E-learning accelerate the learning process and improves the quality of training all while reducing training expenses.

E-learning increases engagement. And we all know, engaged employees = a better guest experience. Companies that have an e learning program see Improved quality of service in their team members as well as an uptick in guest satisfaction.

  • Case Study: Moe’s Southwestern Grill has adopted a video training heavy e-learning program. Moe’s wanted to portray their fun culture and stress the importance of guest experience during employee orientation. The result? Moe’s saw increased empathy for the guest, tem member excitement for guest arrival and an attitude among their staff to always exceed the guest expectations
  • Case Study: Pizza Ranch – When evaluating their existing program, Pizza Ranch identified a need for more sophisticated training of their buffet coordinators. They had a list of responsibilities of the job, but really needed a tactic that would teach new hires how to be successful at that position.

    With DiscoverLink, Pizza Ranch developed an interactive e-learning course that walked the new hire through an entire shift, shift goals, opportunities and potential problems that may come up. What Pizza Ranch saw was a magnified culture of growth and learning among their employees. The new program allowed an accelerated training process and the ability to be more efficient in their training practices.

    “Job specific e-learning for hourly team members has significantly increased their knowledge prior to hands on training. This gets our team members to a higher competency level more efficiently” –Chad Klocke, Director of Training

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DiscoverLink was founded in 2002, but our roots go back much further in time. Our co-founder, Jeff Tenut, is one of the true pioneers in e-learning for the hospitality industry. He initiated the first e-learning solution at Cracker Barrel in 1992, which saved the company $20 million in the first year. Since DiscoverLink started, our e-learning experts have successfully helped more than 10,000 stores implement our e-learning programs.