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Annual Total Rewards Survey

COVID-19 & the Changing Employee Landscape

Previously known as the Corporate Compensation & Benefits Survey, this research answers key questions for restaurant executives regarding current and expected employee rewards practices in the restaurant industry. This includes base pay and incentives for all employee levels within the restaurant as well as the corporate office, as well as how companies are crafting attractive benefit packages for their employees throughout their organizations.  



2020 results are now available

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The 2020 edition of the Total Rewards Survey is part of our special research series created this year to dive deeper into the impact of COVID-19 on the industry and how companies are updating their workforce practices to remain relevant and competitive in this rapidly evolving environment.   

As a result, our annual Total Rewards Survey has been refocused to highlight employee practices implemented in response to the pandemic and specific changes to employee rewards, including 

  • Positions created at the restaurant level to adapt to the new environment and their compensation. 
  • Hazard pay practices for front-line employees 
  • Base pay freezes and changes in bonus plans 
  • Practices put in place at the restaurant level to ensure the safety and health of employees and guests 
  • Changes in benefits coverage and cost

The Total Rewards Survey Research will also Collect Data on: 

  • Base salary 
  • Annual bonus 
  • Corporate office staff turnover 
  • Total cash compensation (corporate office and support center roles) 
  • Merit increases (unit level hourly workers up to executive level positions) 
  • Variable pay/bonus plan structures including company equity, profit sharing, etc... 
  • Payroll costs broken down by department 
  • Monthly cost of PPO and HMO plans for employee-only coverage, as well as employee +1 and employee plus family coverage. Metrics are shown by position level for each of the segments and company size groupings. 
  • Medical office visit copays, generic and brand name prescription copays, deductibles and out of pocket maximums by position level 
  • Health benefits for part-time employees, including average cost of limited benefit plans offered, wellness program usage and commonly offered programs 
  • Paid time off policies by position level, including vacation time and data on savings and severance plans 
  • Additional offers including company cars, dining, tuition, reimbursement, etc... 


Additionally, as part of the rebranding and refocusing of our annual compensation and benefits survey, we have made some other exciting improvements. We have condensed the survey to provide only the most relevant insights for today’s unique situation. In addition to the shorter survey, participants are now able to fill out all their information online for the first time. 


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